emacs-like editor

Geoffrey Prewett prewett@pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu
Sat Jan 31 12:46:00 GMT 1998

> Did you want an answer to this question? I prefer vi to all others myself.
> On most Unix systems some version of vi will be available when emacs is not.
> (GNU-based systems seem the opposite.) It makes sense to me. I can do simple
> things with fewer keypresses than in emacs. Emacs makes no sense to me at
> all. Too many modifier keys. You have to memorize long sequences of
> meaningless keystrokes to perform the simplest operations. Ugh. Give me vi.
> Most operations are only one keystroke away, and they're easy to remember,
> (more/less, man, and vi all use the same keys).

I completely agree!

> However, since I don't have vi available to me in NT, I use PFE instead.

There are several ports of VI to NT.  Microsoft included one with the NT 3.51
Resource Kit, although I hear that it takes some mucking around to get it to
work...  There appears to be a port at http://www.cyber.com/downloads/
but I haven't tested it.  I did find a port of VIM somewhere that I'm currently

Geoff Prewett
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