What's the best (easiest) way to view man pages?

Michael Hirmke mh@mike.franken.de
Sat Jan 31 08:28:00 GMT 1998

Hi Tim,

>I have a package I need to use for school that has all its documentation in
>man pages. The tools compile and run under CygWin, but I need to view the
>documentation. There is no man viewer in CygWin, at least none that I can
>get to work. Is there any way to view these pages other than a text editor,
>(it's almost impossible to read them that way). The groff package was
>supposed to contain a man implementation, but alas there was none.

No, the groff package is necessary for man, it doesn't contain it.
There is no real man port for Cygnus, but I have one here, that works -
don't know, where I got it from.
You have to compile groff, ncurses and less before you can get it to
work perfectly. If you want to leave out ncurses and less, you have to
get a different pager like more and change man.config.

If anyone ist interested in this package - get it from my ftp site


The package name is man-1.4h-NT.bin.zip

>I would think man would be a high priority for CygWin. Emacs and vi be
>damned--we already have more text editors than we can handle under Win32. We
>need a man page viewer.
>--Tim Fisher

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