emacs-like editor

Tim Fisher tfisher@teamparadigm.com
Fri Jan 30 19:02:00 GMT 1998

Did you want an answer to this question? I prefer vi to all others myself.
On most Unix systems some version of vi will be available when emacs is not.
(GNU-based systems seem the opposite.) It makes sense to me. I can do simple
things with fewer keypresses than in emacs. Emacs makes no sense to me at
all. Too many modifier keys. You have to memorize long sequences of
meaningless keystrokes to perform the simplest operations. Ugh. Give me vi.
Most operations are only one keystroke away, and they're easy to remember,
(more/less, man, and vi all use the same keys).

However, since I don't have vi available to me in NT, I use PFE instead.
It's free, loads quickly with minimal disk activity, there are no nag
screens, and it's easily customizable.

--Tim Fisher

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>   It's maybe a simple but an important question. Who likes to use an other
>   editor than emacs...

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