ncurses, less, and termcap

Michael Hirmke
Fri Jan 30 16:05:00 GMT 1998

Hi Tim,

>I finally got `ncurses' and `less' to compile, install, and run. Well, sort
>of. If you do any backward scrolling the screen gets all screwed up, so it
>really isn't doing much good right now. I suspect it may have something to
>do with the termcap file. I used the --enable-termcap configure option, but
>I'm not sure if that was right. Anybody know what will work here?
>BTW I had to comment out less's iprintf function redefinition (the whole
>thing) because gcc didn't like it, (it used parameter declarations different
>from the standard prototype in stdio.h). Could this be causing any trouble?

Yes - you have to rename all iprintf's to something like my_iprintf and
you should have less problems. If you comment them out, the iprintf from
the standard libs will be used with wrong number and type of parameters.

>I'm going to remake ncurses without the --enable-termcap option and see what
>that does.
>--Tim Fisher

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