Alternate Mixed Case scheme?

Keith_Graham/ Keith_Graham/
Fri Jan 30 16:05:00 GMT 1998

I'm using the gnu-win32 tools to give me access to the Unix tools on NT
(rather than specifically using the tools to compile Unix code on NT.)

As such, having mixed case is not the preferred solution, as has been
pointed out in previous discussions.

I see where someone posted some patches that appear to change bash's
wildcard expansion to support mixed case.

As an alternate solution, it appears that it wouldn't be very difficult to
put a flag on mount, to make an entire drive be "lower case" only.  i.e.
any directory read would see entirely lower case entries.  This is
non-optimal for things like "README", but 99% of the time, I believe it
would be the "correct" behavior.

And by setting it based on the mountpoint, NFS mounted drives or other
mixed case devices would still work.

Comments?  Would this require any changes out of the winsup directory?
Would this cause any problems with any standard tools?

Keith Graham

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