lpCommandLine in Cygwin WinMain

vischne@ibm.net vischne@ibm.net
Fri Jan 30 08:31:00 GMT 1998

I wonder what prompted the Cygnus people to change the standard WinMain
parameter for `lpCommandLine' so that the first substring is argv[0].

I know it makes sense, but it isn't standard.  Any program written for
Win32/95/NT assumes that the first substring of `lpCommandLine' is

It seems like such an easy fix to change the specs document so that the
windows subsystem option doesn't include libcygwin.a automatically.  If
I want to write a Windows program, I don't assume the presence of Unix
functions.  I assume that, if I include, e. g., stdio.h, the linking
process should crash, not succeed.
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