ncurses, less, and termcap

Tim Fisher
Fri Jan 30 03:21:00 GMT 1998

I finally got `ncurses' and `less' to compile, install, and run. Well, sort
of. If you do any backward scrolling the screen gets all screwed up, so it
really isn't doing much good right now. I suspect it may have something to
do with the termcap file. I used the --enable-termcap configure option, but
I'm not sure if that was right. Anybody know what will work here?

BTW I had to comment out less's iprintf function redefinition (the whole
thing) because gcc didn't like it, (it used parameter declarations different
from the standard prototype in stdio.h). Could this be causing any trouble?

I'm going to remake ncurses without the --enable-termcap option and see what
that does.

--Tim Fisher

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