Initialising gnuwin DLLs

Ton van Overbeek
Fri Jan 30 03:21:00 GMT 1998

Patrick Fay wrote: 
> I'm just guessing but it sounds like you are running into things that
> are not thread-safe.
>  .....
> My guess is that, say, thread 1's printf calls malloc while
> another thread is in malloc. What happens? who knows.

Your thread-safeness argument is certainly valid, but before that
there are a lot of other things which need to be done.

The scenario we are talking about is for writing a dll (say sample.dll)
to be used with a non cygwin compiled application (e.g with a MS Visual C++,
or as extension of an existing application (Matlab for example)).
The sample.dll will also pull in cygwin.dll when it is compiled with
the cygnus gnu-win32 compiler. When you do thing like disk file I/O,
malloc() or getenv() in sample.dll it crashes.

The reason for this is that cygwin.dll is not initialised. In a cygnus
gnu-win32 compiled application this is done by the C runtime startup code.
I started looking at the dll_crt0_1 routine in the
winsup source of the latest Coolview.
dll_crt0_1 is the part of the runtime startup done in cygwin.dll.
A lot of things are done there: initialisation of heap
(needed by malloc() and friends), initialisation of file I/O (connecting
to Win32 filemap), etc. All these inits are not done in our scenario.
It is a pity that all these init routines are not in the exported
interface of cygwin.dll, so I do not know (yet) how to do them from
our sample.dll.

Any pointers (which inits are really necessary ?) from people in the know (Sergey ?)

Ton van Overbeek.
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