My Changes to win32

Mike Bernson
Thu Jan 29 19:59:00 GMT 1998

I have make a number of changes to the beta18 release that I am now will

share with other users.

Here is a quick list of this that have been changed.

1.    Change the way files descriptors are access.
2.    Added dymanic memory for system use
3.    A number of struct are not allocated.
4.    Add error handling for  bad memory address
5.    Add termios stuff to use ioctl like bsd system
6.    Added  sleep/wakeup stuff with wait channel  and string message
7.    change a number of places where index where used to memory
8.    redid the select code to be more like unix version. I still need
to do select for pipes, sockets.
9.    Made binary the default mode (No binary/text on devices)

The changes will only work on win95 I still need to get the address that
maps files can be shared for
NT. I known that it  not the same addresses.

The changes are only in source form. The url It has a
tar file that has both the
newlib and winsup directory. I will not make  a patch.  If you do not
known what to with the source
then this is not for you.

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