Vt100 emulation

kairo@mediaone.net kairo@mediaone.net
Thu Jan 29 18:58:00 GMT 1998

The vt emulation doesn't seem to support graphic character set

Character Set (G0 and G1 Designators)
		Charactor Set			G0 Designator	G1 Designator
		United Kingdom (UK)		ESC ( A		ESC ) A
		United States (USASCII)		ESC ( B		ESC ) B
		Special graphics characters	ESC ( 0		ESC ) 0
		 and line drawing set
		Alternate character ROM		ESC ( 1		ESC ) 1
		Alternate character ROM		ESC ( 2		ESC ) 2
		 special graphics characters

This is a standard on all vt100 terminals and higher. I tried these
and they have no effect.
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