gdb and executables, windbg in ms platform sdf

Lothar Werzinger
Thu Jan 29 04:47:00 GMT 1998

Patrick J. Fay schrieb:
> Hello Lothar,
> coff is the format of the object file . The debug info gdb understands
> is 'stabs' I think. This is probably not the format of
> the debug info msvc++ puts into its object files.
> I think the jan 98 ms platform sdk has a debugger in it.
> What are you trying to accomplish?
> Pat

I use a development environment different from VisualStudio (its SNiFF+ ). It is IMHO the best C++ IDE available.
Unfortunately there is no way (maybe TakeFive just didn´t find it, to
integrate the MS debugger within SNiFF+. For gdb of course an
integration exists. So I thought, if gdb would be able to debug MS code,
I could just use gdb. But It seems that this is rather unlikely as
another one (Jacob Navia <>) from this mailing
lists appointed

> I have proposed several times to the people of cygnus to write a converter
> but they manifested no interest. Obviously I will not do it for free, since
> gdb is a product commercialized by cygnus and I do not feel like working for
> free so somebody else makes money out of it. Nothing against people making
> money obviously, but if I contribute to a commercial undertaking I want my
> share of it.

Maybe there are more people useing different IDEs (emacs?) but like to
debug MSVC created Apps. Maybe we can bring Cygnus so far to hire Jacob
for that project.



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