jamfile in mingwin32

Stephane Cateland cateland@adersa.asso.fr
Wed Jan 28 15:02:00 GMT 1998

Up to now i was using cygwin32 gcc for porting console based
applications from unix.
since i have to do some GUI and to have it fully inter operant 
with other compiler stuff. I have a look at mingw32. I
have last gcc2.8.0 realease. 
But in exemples provided there is jamfile: 
it looks to be used by a kind of make. but i really don't know how to
use it.
I will appreciate any help.
Jam is it a stuf to simplify make (giving the right option for each stage)
or shoul I produce makefiles


// S. Cateland / cateland@adersa.asso.fr
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