Path name conversion utilities

Mark Hadfield
Wed Jan 28 14:54:00 GMT 1998

A couple of weeks ago I asked the list about programs to convert between
Win32 and POSIX-style pathnames. Thanks to those who replied, particularly
Mumit Khan who pointed me to a message in the mailing list archives. I have
now written a set of utilities and have found them extremely useful, so am
offering them to the world, here:

It seems to me that programs like these should be bundled with Gnu-Win32.

An abbreviated version of the README follows...

This zip file contains console programs for conversion between Win32-style
and POSIX-style path names using the Cygwin32 API.

All programs take input either from the command-line (default) or from
standard input (-i option) and send output (one line per entry) to stdout.

For an example of how these programs can be used, make sure bash.exe and
posixpath.exe are on the search path, then load the file dirprompt.reg into
the registry. Then right-click on a directory and select "Bash Prompt" to
start a bash shell in that directory. It even works on UNC directories with
spaces in the name, which is why it needs so many quotes in the command
string! There's also a fileprompt.reg which works when you right-click on

Have fun!

Mark Hadfield,
National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research
PO Box 14-901, Wellington, New Zealand

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