Problems with mingw32 GCC 2.8.0 !!!

Wed Jan 28 00:46:00 GMT 1998

Jan, Colin, Mumit, Geoff, and all other developers/maintainers

using -mXXX is a very BAD idea for a gcc option.

-m is reserved for processor specifications

-mXXX always gets interpreted as a processor
specification in the specs file, which makes it impossible
to use that switch for -I/dir lines to cpp. (or pass down -D option
to cc1/plus)

-mwindows is a perfect example
-dll worked fine, why was it changed?

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998 01:22:46 +0000 (WET), you wrote:

>On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Fabio Vignoli wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I downloaded the mingw32 required packages and tried to install on my hd:
>> 1) In the installation page:
>> You wrote "I shall assume `C:\MINGW32' but another location should be
>> fine", but it seems that it's not, I tried another directory and gcc
>> couldn't find the "specs" file in the ...gcc-lib/...
>I cannot reproduce this, even when the compiler is executed from a
>different drive. 
>1) Did you preserve the trailing slash in GCC_EXEC_PREFIX ?
>2) You did replace all `C:\MINGW32' with your alternative path, right?
>> 2) The problem I encountered when I tried to compile the dlltest or other
>> tests provided with the packages is more serious, maybe is my inexperience
>> in using the tool but it seems that WinMain does not exist in any of the
>> default libraries. (I used jam to compile it).
>> I can't report the exact error message because I'm not at home but it
>> seems that it can't find a reference to WinMain@16.
>The problem is an old version of `jam'.
>It uses GCC's former `-dll' option, which has been renamed to `-mdll'.
>So, instead of building a DLL, GCC will try to link a .EXE, and fail
>I guess Colin will fix this in a future release of jam.
>In the mean time, I will update my www page to mention the jam problem.
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Microsoft Windows, a platform without a leg to stand on.

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