asm assembly syntax
Tue Jan 27 20:47:00 GMT 1998

On 20 Jan 98 at 8:50,  Ed Eden <> wrote:

> can someone help with syntax conversion for the inline asm directive.
> the visual C++ syntax is
> __asm {
>         lea eax,[edx]GLcontext.Current.ByteColor[0]
>             }
> the gnu would be
> __asm__ ("
>        lea eax???????
>         ");
> I get an assembly error with the [ ]


Maybe you'll be interested in the addresses below:

- NASM (assembler with Intel syntax) docs: It's in the NASM096.ZIP distribution
  file (ps, html, winhelp, info, and txt formats) 

- the group news://comp.os.msdos.djgpp , or the mailing list 
  is a good reference for assembly programming using the AT&T syntax; it is 
  composed of game programmers that use x86 assembly language in the context of 
  a gcc-based compiler for MS-DOS.

- in the homepage of this group, at , you'll find links 
  to tutorials of the AT&T syntax.


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