Case sensitive filenames

Geoffrey Noer
Tue Jan 27 16:21:00 GMT 1998

Daniel P. Kionka wrote:
> I am glad you have a #1 goal of helping port UNIX programs.  But you
> need a #2 goal of making it Windows-friendly.  I used MKS Toolkit before
> gnu-win, and I never had problems with text files or filename case.  Why
> can't making it work as well as MKS Toolkit be a goal?

This is in fact the case.  Pretty much anything we can do to improve ease
of use under Win32 that doesn't break Unix compatibility is a good thing.
Changing glob/readline to make it match in a case-insensitive manner
may fit that category.  But I haven't thought through the implications
of doing this yet...

Geoffrey Noer
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