Problems with mingw32 GCC 2.8.0 !!!

Earnie Boyd
Tue Jan 27 05:51:00 GMT 1998

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>Subject: Problems with mingw32 GCC 2.8.0 !!!
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>I downloaded the mingw32 required packages and tried to install on my 
>1) In the installation page:
>You wrote "I shall assume `C:\MINGW32' but another location should be
>fine", but it seems that it's not, I tried another directory and gcc
>couldn't find the "specs" file in the ...gcc-lib/...

I use MINGW32 in a different path than C:\MINGW32.  You need to check 
your environment variables.  Make sure that the GCC_EXEC_PREFIX is 
correct.  You must have MSDOS style paths and path separators.  You must 
end GCC_EXEC_PREFIX with a \

>But this is not a big problem ... :^) maybe you forgot a fixed macro in
>the code or a new anvironment variable is needed .
>2) The problem I encountered when I tried to compile the dlltest or 
>tests provided with the packages is more serious, maybe is my 
>in using the tool but it seems that WinMain does not exist in any of 
>default libraries. (I used jam to compile it).
>I can't report the exact error message because I'm not at home but it
>seems that it can't find a reference to WinMain@16.

I believe you need to add a switch to indicate windows. In cygwin32 it 
is -mwindows.  I don't know if it has changed for MINGW32.

>Thanks for your attention,
>Fabio Vignoli                      o o  (e-mail:
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