Problems with mingw32 GCC 2.8.0 !!!

Fabio Vignoli
Tue Jan 27 02:27:00 GMT 1998


I downloaded the mingw32 required packages and tried to install on my hd:

1) In the installation page:

You wrote "I shall assume `C:\MINGW32' but another location should be
fine", but it seems that it's not, I tried another directory and gcc
couldn't find the "specs" file in the ...gcc-lib/...

But this is not a big problem ... :^) maybe you forgot a fixed macro in
the code or a new anvironment variable is needed .

2) The problem I encountered when I tried to compile the dlltest or other
tests provided with the packages is more serious, maybe is my inexperience
in using the tool but it seems that WinMain does not exist in any of the
default libraries. (I used jam to compile it).

I can't report the exact error message because I'm not at home but it
seems that it can't find a reference to WinMain@16.

Thanks for your attention,
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