Christopher Hahn
Mon Jan 26 13:35:00 GMT 1998


I am trying to compile a hello_world with gcc running on my NT box.

I am getting the message that it cannot find stdio.  
     "fooby.c:1: stdio: No such file or directory"
I have mounted the install directory as /usr and I have seen that this 
makes "/usr/lib" make sense, but the "/usr/include" does not exist.  
i.e. it is really "/usr/i386-cygwin32/include"

I have mounted root properly, and have set C_INCLUDE_PATH, and whatever
else I could think of.

I also tried using: gcc fooby.c -I/usr/i386-cygwin32/include
and                 gcc fooby.c -ID:/Where/it/lives/include

While I get the _distinct_ impression that this is a simple question,
I must ask anyway. (I have read the FAQ)

Thanks for the time, and please respond with direct email 
( also,


P.S. Using #include "Actual Path to stdio.h" works.
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