Win32 vim / gvim with (Cygnus) gcc?

Glauber Ribeiro
Mon Jan 26 12:44:00 GMT 1998

Hello, John

I did it today, using the sources for vim 5.0u, following your gracious
advice from your previous email. I tested it for an hour or so, and
found 2 problems:

(1) This is not a problem per se, but an annoyance: i couldn't get any
colors. Setting TERM to linux had no effect, vim would say something
like "terminal linux not found in terminfo" and start up as
builtin_ansi. It didn't seem to be trying termcap at all.

(2) The help files showed up with trailing ^M. I'm not sure the
"textmode" option is working properly.


Cook, John wrote:
> Glauber Ribeiro wrote:
> >I'm also thinking that approaching the problem by the other side
> >(compiling vim with GCC using the Unix sources rather than the win32
> >sources) might work.
> Yes, this is the way to go.  GnuWin32 is an environment for building
> and running Unix tools under a Win32 OS.  Within GnuWin32's bash shell,
> it is usually possible to build Unix tools transparently from their
> original sources.  Under GnuWin32, Vim already builds 'out of the box'
> from the Unix sources without using a special makefile.  The result is
> a 'native' GnuWin32 Vim that understands Unix-style pathnames, etc.
> I don't see the need for Makefile.cyg.
> Anyone on the GnuWin32 list care to comment?
> --John

Glauber Ribeiro --- IWS
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