Probable settings

Chris Hahn
Mon Jan 26 12:44:00 GMT 1998

Hello All,

I have read through the FAQ, and it suggests that certain system
variables can be set to allow for using the tools and I wanted to ask
where possible values might be discussed.

In most (or even all) cases I think that I can guess the most probable
values, but I thought that somewhere there might be a discussion of the
form "OK, if you installed the tools into //foo/bar/snook then you 
would set GCC_EXEC_PREFIX to be....".

This one example, GCC_EXEC_PREFIX, is a good one, as the FAQ suggests
that "The C++ headers can now be found given a correctly set
GCC_EXEC_PREFIX environment variable." But elsewhere the FAQ refers to
the variable CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH, which I would have thought would do
the job ascribed to GCC_EXEC_PREFIX above.

ANY thoughts will be considered and appreciated, and please email
me directly also, I am about a two days behind the mail list output,
and the gap is widening!

Thanx for the time,



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