Win32 vim / gvim with (Cygnus) gcc?

Cook, John
Mon Jan 26 11:18:00 GMT 1998

Glauber Ribeiro wrote:
>I'm also thinking that approaching the problem by the other side
>(compiling vim with GCC using the Unix sources rather than the win32
>sources) might work.

Yes, this is the way to go.  GnuWin32 is an environment for building 
and running Unix tools under a Win32 OS.  Within GnuWin32's bash shell, 
it is usually possible to build Unix tools transparently from their 
original sources.  Under GnuWin32, Vim already builds 'out of the box' 
from the Unix sources without using a special makefile.  The result is 
a 'native' GnuWin32 Vim that understands Unix-style pathnames, etc.  
I don't see the need for Makefile.cyg.  

Anyone on the GnuWin32 list care to comment?


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