du bug, wrong sizes reported.

Bruce N. Hunsaker bruceh@ns1.ieighty.net
Sun Jan 25 22:32:00 GMT 1998

> On 23-Jan-1998, Earnie Boyd <earnie_boyd@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > 
> > >From: "Bruce N. Hunsaker" <bruceh@ns1.ieighty.net>
> > >
> > >du reports sizes in 2k blocks.  It should report sizes using
> > >a block size of 1k.
> Why?

I'm going from memory here, but It just seems that SOLARIS,
AIX, HPUX used this as the default.
> > No.  The default block size should be 512 bytes.
> Why?
This may be true for strict POSIX conformance, however du -k
and du (default) are still wrong (both showing file sizes as the
number of 2k blocks.
Bruce Hunsaker -- bruceh@ieighty.net
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