My windres troubles

Colin Peters
Sun Jan 25 18:19:00 GMT 1998

From: Tim Baker <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, January 24, 1998 12:28 PM
Subject: My windres troubles

>I'm having problems using this version of the MINGW32 windres:

Just to clarify, windres comes with EGCS or binutils snapshots, it's not
actually part of Mingw32, but I assume you mean the version of windres
built for the Mingw32 version of EGCS, or maybe GCC 2.8.0 (whew!).

>    % windres --version
>    GNU windres 980119
>It is supposed to replace res2coff, but it says:
>    % windres -i zlib.res -o zlib.res.o
>    C:\MINGW32\BIN\WINDRES.EXE: read_res_file unimplemented

It is quite possible that windres doesn't know how to read .res files yet
(it knows how to write them I think). I usually use it as a replacement of
both rcl and res2coff to build .o files from .rc files directly.

>Also, I haven't got any .rc files to compile. For example:
>    % windres -i zlib.rc -o zlib.res
>    C:\MINGW32\BIN\WINDRES.EXE: C:\\mingw32\\lib\\gcc-lib\\
>    i386-mingw32\\2.8.0\\include\\stdarg.h:70: syntax error
>    cpp.exe: stdout: Broken pipe

I think the problem here is simply that the Mingw32 header files are not
properly protected for inclusion in RC files. The latest snapshot of
Mingw32 contains header files which are better protected, but there may be
some other incompatibilities with earlier versions of Mingw32. Windres,
unlike rcl, uses cpp with the standard header files included, this
includes stdarg.h and a couple of other ones. You may also find the Win32
API files aren't well protected. Basically what you have to do is surround
everything except #defines in the headers with #ifndef RC_INVOKED ...
#endif pairs. There is a little bit about this on the page of my GCC Win32
tutorial ( ).

Hope this helps (and I'll try to protect the rest of the Mingw32 headers
before the next snapshot).


-- Colin Peters -- colin at
-- Saga University Dept. of Information Science

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