Escape sequence patch for libslangw32
Sun Jan 25 06:21:00 GMT 1998

If you add the following line to SLsys_getkey in slw32tty.c,

	case VK_ESCAPE: escape_sequence = (char *)NULL; break;

you stand a chance of tuning in to the `extra' escape sequences generated
by the b18 version of cygwin.dll in response to, e. g., mouse clicks in
the console window.

You then discover that the mouse-click reporting appears to be queued. I.
e., the "\eMbxy" returns from a mouse click appear to come a number of
keystrokes after the click occurs instead of immediately.  In fact, you
can see the `<-Mabc' echoes on the Dos window in which slrn.exe is running.

BTW, from experience compiling Linux kernels with gcc, it seems evident that
large libraries need the `-fno-strength-reduce' flag to prevent errors in
the compiled code, even with the latest gcc, and probably with egcs as well.

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