Case sensitive filenames

Fergus Henderson
Sat Jan 24 21:53:00 GMT 1998

On 22-Jan-1998, Curtis Galloway <> wrote:
> This has gone around and around.  My opinion is that gnuwin32 is broken if it
> imposes semantics on the filesystem that the filesystem doesn't support.  I'm
> a UNIX programmer, and I think it's a pain.
> It's also pretty easy to fix.  I posted a patch back in May of last year to do
> this; apparently no one like it enough to incorporate it into the official
> sources.  I have included my original message below.

For what it's worth, I vote in favour of inclusion of this patch.

If it does cause compatibility problems with existing GNU software,
then please include it, but just leave the default value of
`glob_case_fold' as 0 (false) for all platforms.
`completion_case_fold' should remain as 1 (true), though.

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