Case sensitive filenames

Daniel P. Kionka
Sat Jan 24 21:53:00 GMT 1998

> >When I use ls, as in "ls *.txt", I won't see the upper case or
> >mixed case examples, because the program is case sensitive. This is a
> real pain,
> It is only a pain to the non-UNIX person.  This is a product to help
> port UNIX programs from UNIX to WIN32.  ...

I have heard this too often.  I am a Unix person, and it is a pain to
me!  Besides ls, when I do find I have to run "find . | grep -i txt"
because I might have some .TXT files.  I have given up running "diff -r"
and use WinDiff, since it is not in denial about being on a case
insensitive file system.

Another area where this comes up is with \r\n.  I tried upgrading from
b18, but all my scripts have \r\n, which fails with coolview.  I have to
be able to treat my scripts like any other text file (edit with Notepad,
check in as text, etc.)

I am glad you have a #1 goal of helping port UNIX programs.  But you
need a #2 goal of making it Windows-friendly.  I used MKS Toolkit before
gnu-win, and I never had problems with text files or filename case.  Why
can't making it work as well as MKS Toolkit be a goal?
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