My Brain Hurts!! Please help.

Shane Caraveo
Sat Jan 24 21:12:00 GMT 1998

> Paul Harrold <> writes:
> > I have just bought "Teach yourself C in 24 hours" and received the
> > GNUPro CD with the book.
> >
> > The trouble is I can't make head or tale of what's on the CD,sure it
> ...
> > In short the CD has completely blown my mind I don't know where to
> > start.
> >
> > Any clear and concise advice aimed at a complete novice would be greatly
> > appreciated.

Another option (and I may get shot for this one ;) is that I have seen some
Micro$oft Press books on beginning programming that include the visual c
v1.5 with it.  For the price of the book you get a compiler that at least
you dont have to understand too much about.  Not a greate compiler, and its
only 16bit (from a 1 bit company ;), but good for learning.  I dont know if
their books are good for learning from though.  They also have learning
editions of visual c++ v5 for less than $100.


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