Earnie Boyd
Sat Jan 24 15:34:00 GMT 1998

First let me say,  sorry this is so long in coming.  The mail router 
seems to be having slowness problems.

>To: <>
>Subject: Beginner.Help.
>Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 12:08:45 -0800
>How do I write a simple Win32 program.
>I tried to compile a basic winmain.cpp file but it only screams abuse 
>I tried :
>g++ winmain.cpp -o winmain.exe

gcc winmain.cpp -o winmain.exe -mwindows

>If someone can help I would really apreciate it because I want to 
>stuff and I don't have money for fancy stuff like Visual C++.

You might be interested in Colin Peters' site (see the URL list below).  
It contains a version of gcc which excludes the cygwin.dll which is 
there to emulate the unix environment.  This adds a lot of overhead 
which is not necessary for strictly programming in Win32.

Have a good day.

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