My Brain Hurts!! Please help.

Peter Dalgaard BSA
Sat Jan 24 15:34:00 GMT 1998

Paul Harrold <> writes:

> I have just bought "Teach yourself C in 24 hours" and received the
> GNUPro CD with the book.
> The trouble is I can't make head or tale of what's on the CD,sure it
> In short the CD has completely blown my mind I don't know where to
> start.
> Any clear and concise advice aimed at a complete novice would be greatly
> appreciated.

Ok. Go and do some horrible deed upon the author of that book, then
download rsxnt...

(look for with you favourite search engine)

The matter is that the gnu-win32 and mingw32 projects are aimed at
porting a set of tools from Unix to win32, not particularly at
providing a comfortable development environment (except for the
comfort of actually being able to port things and make them work). So
it's kind of expected that you know a) what they're supposed to do and
b) what to fix when they don't. To top it off, what you're seeing is
an old beta release, bugs and all. So it's an eminently bad choice for
a complete beginner.

Another option might be to install Linux, and have a standard
Unix-type OS to work with. Don't expect to be productive "in 24
hours", though!

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