FW: FYI. Location of binaries for XPM and FVWM2

Smith, Martin martin@buntypost.dundee.ncr.com
Thu Jan 22 08:59:00 GMT 1998

Daft question of the day - how do I use this ? I tried running fvwm2.exe   
but it (quite correctly) points out that another Window Manager is   
running (NT). Any hints ?

bash.exe-2.01$ fvwm2.exe
[FVWM][CatchRedirectError]: <<ERROR>> another WM is running


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Subject:	FYI. Location of binaries for XPM and FVWM2

Hi again,

I got much more of a response that I thought I would. You can find the
binaries in one gzip'd tar bundle at

I use microimages X server and have no problems under 95.

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