Problems with Gnuwin32+EGCS+XFORMS: HELP!

Arlindo da Silva
Wed Jan 21 02:05:00 GMT 1998

> 	I compile and easily run X11 applications under Gnuwin32_b18 alone,
> gnuwin32_b18+egcs1.0, and gnuwin32_b18+XFORMS library but I
> got a crash when running code that whas successfuly compiled and linked
> with gnuwin32_b18+egcs1.0+XFORMS. The error message looks like :

The X11R6.3 libraries built with B18 will NOT work with EGCS-1.00. Please take
a look at:

for a version of these libraries built with egcs-1.00. If XFORMS comes in the
form of a DLL it is very possible that it also would require re-compilation
with egcs-1.00. Please let me know what you find out.

Arlindo da Silva

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