NCFTP 2.3.0 on b.18+termcap-1.3+ncurses-4.1

Earnie Boyd
Tue Jan 20 04:54:00 GMT 1998

>From: "Vassilii Khachaturov" <>
>To: "Gnu-Win32 (E-mail)" <>
>Subject: NCFTP 2.3.0 on b.18+termcap-1.3+ncurses-4.1
>Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 12:03:13 +0200
>I've once heard here people have succeeded in building NCFTP.
>I've got gnuwin32 b.18
>with termcap-1.3
>and ncurses-4.1
>install & working on it.
>After configure+make (mixed-case mount, otherwise there's a clash

mixed-case-mounts are no longer a feature.  Yes, there will be a clash 
between curses.h and Curses.h.  If they are in seperate directories you 
should be ok.

>between the system
>curses.h and NCFTPs Curses.h that wraps the former)

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