Wade Richards wrichard@direct.ca
Tue Jan 20 00:01:00 GMT 1998

You have 2 problems here: 1) it doesn't keep the "export", and (2) it gets
the path wrong.

1) You are executing your .bashrc file in a sub-shell.  When you give the
name of a shell script on the command line (you can tell it's a shell
script by the #!), bash will execute the program specified in the #! line,
feeding in the script file.  So, the bash process that you are interacting
with starts a NEW instance of bash to run your .bashrc file.  This new,
interactive one gets its env. changed by the export PATH statement, but it
doesn't do anything to the interactive bash you are using.

To fix this problem, use ". ~/,bashrc" (note the "." command).  This tells
the interactive bash to read the file provided (~/.bashrc), and execute all
the commands in it.  This way, the export PATH statement will affect the
bash that you are interacting with.

2) I'm not quite sure where your //d/cygnus/b18/tcl/bin part came from.  If
I had to guess, I'd say that you have an /etc/profile file that does (among
other things) "export PATH=$PATH://d/cygnus/b18/tcl/bin", since your
/etc/profile file will be executed by any new shell that's created.  You
can verify this by running "bash -vx", and seeing what commands get
executed as part of the bash startup process.

           --- Wade

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From: Juha Jäykkä <juolja@utu.fi>
To: gnu-win32 <gnu-win32@cygnus.com>
Date: Saturday, January 17, 1998 10:54
Subject: .BASHRC-problem

As this problem is not discussed in any of the www-help pages (that I could
find) and I couldn't find it in archives too, I'd like to ask it here.
  I keep losing my environment variables I set within my .bashrc. A
screenshot of the situation may clarify this. Here you go:
juhaj@IO 18:20:22 /obj>echo $PATH
juhaj@IO 18:20:26 /obj>cat ~/.bashrc
export PATH
echo Test: $PATH
juhaj@IO 18:20:35 /obj>~/.bashrc
Test: /bin://d/cygnus/b18/tcl/bin:/home/juhaj/bin
juhaj@IO 18:20:42 /obj>echo $PATH
juhaj@IO 18:20:47 /obj>
  Obviously it does not "keep" the exported variable but it also sets it
wrong! Where did the "//d/cygnus/b18/tcl/bin:" part come from??? I am at a
total loss here. When I export variables, they should always be global, am
right? Any ideas or fixes?
[system: NT40, intel, b18, coolview, bash-2.01]

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