Case sensitive filenames

Nathan Glasser
Mon Jan 19 02:54:00 GMT 1998


I'm using b18 of the cygnus-win32 tools on Windows 95.

I'm not a member of the mailing list, and the archive is much
too large to search through, but I'm sure this must have come
up before...

I find that most of the tools have what I consider to be a problem
on Windows 95 (and probably NT).

Files can be created by many mechanisms. Some might create a nice
name like "foo.txt", but others might generate
"FOO.TXT" (especially DOS programs or those trying to be compatible),
and others perhaps some mixed case variant.

When I use ls, as in "ls *.txt", I won't see the upper case or
mixed case examples, because the program is case sensitive. This is a real pain,
since I know well that the filenames are really case insensitive. ls also does
the sorting in a case sensitive fashion,
which is a pain as well.

I've seen the problem mostly with ls, but I think that all or most
of the others have it as well.

Is there some command line option or environment variable or something
that I can set which will make ls (and the rest of the tools) operate
in a case insensitive manner?

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