where do I start?

Mike Collins mike@w3z.com
Mon Jan 19 02:17:00 GMT 1998

I have the gnu compiler and who knows what else installed on my win32 
system. My questions are very basic. How do I verify the setup of the 
gnu utilities and programs regarding paths and proper installation? 
I've successfully compiled one program, however, my chosen directory 
for the gnu program install was not the default selection, therefore, 
I'd like to confirm that my paths are correct and all components are 

As one example, from the command prompt I enter the command bash and 
bash starts but it also tells me that I have no /tmp.

For another, and this may be related to perl 5.004, the path for perl 
includes c:/whatever but perl is on my d:/drive. Perl does work but 
I'd like to adjust the environment. I'm trying to graduate from the 
ActiveState port to the standard win32 binary.

How do I access the documentation included with the gnu programs 
and what other information exists to help one just getting started?

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