gdb under emacs w/ gnu-win32

Eric Decker
Sun Jan 18 16:07:00 GMT 1998

Hello all!

Just started using gnu-win32, and so far I am impressed.  One small
problem though.  I tried using M-x gdb under NT-emacs, but apparently
there is a file name confusion between the gdb debugging symbols and
NT-emacs.  When emacs attempts to load the source file, it tries to load
d:/D/<path>.  I'm assuming that emacs is responsible for the "d:", while
gdb is inserting "/D".  The gdb "list" command works fine, so this is
strictly an emacs confusion.  Now, I could go into the elisp for M-x
gdb, but I'm hoping someone has seen and solved this problem already.
As always, thanks in advance for any help.

Eric Decker
Intrinsix Corp.

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