bash, javac, and relative paths

Joao Pedro Sousa
Sun Jan 18 16:07:00 GMT 1998

At 14:18 15-01-1998 -0500, Michael Werts wrote:
>I am trying to use the b18 version of bash with JDK 1.1.5.  When I invoke the
>java compiler on a relative
>path, i.e.
>     javac sunw/demo/juggler/      (compiling class Juggler)
>I get an error which says class Juggler must be in a file named
>which, of course, it is. The
>compiler works fine if I am in the same directory.  It also works fine
from the
>NT shell.

This is not bash related.
Javac does not accept paths in the filename to be compiled.


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