Running applications via telnet

Jason Zions
Sat Jan 17 11:00:00 GMT 1998

> but winnt applications (e.g. notepad.exe)
> are running without screen - they are in task list but have no window.

Where were you expecting the windows to appear? If they appeared on the
monitor attached to the system, this would constitute a major security
problem; a user logged-in directly at the system (i.e. using the
keyboard, mouse, and monitor on the system) would not know which apps on
the screen were hers and which were displayed by (and hence running
under the identity of) the telneted user.

Windows NT 3.5 introduced the concept of multiple "Windows Stations" on
a single system. Only one Windows Station has "ownership" of the screen
at a time; other windows stations display to virtual screens which
aren't actually displayed anywhere. The telnet daemon runs as a service;
NT is putting that service into a separate Windows Station, and each new
session inherits that particular resource. This avoids the security
problem described above.

Jason Zions
Softway Systems Inc.
Makers of OpenNT: POSIX, UNIX and more for Windows NT

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