Problem calling WINAPI functions with structs

Mumit Khan
Fri Jan 16 18:15:00 GMT 1998

"Gert van Antwerpen" <> writes:
> I tried to make some application which has an interface to windows. 
> I found that some WINAPI32 functions do not correctly pass their arguments
> to the stack. GetLargestConsoleWindowSize returns a struct and my feeling
> is that GCC does not handle it the same way other windows compilers do, so
> it does not work. I am not sure but also passing structs (by value) to
> WINAPI funcs have also strange results.

Can you try -fpcc-struct-return flag and see if it fixes your problem
with GetLargestConsoleWindowSize?

Also, can you send me a (short) sample code that demonstrates the

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