Problems with BASH-Shell under NT and nohup

Walterskoetter, Ralf, NT31
Fri Jan 16 06:01:00 GMT 1998

Hello World!

We want to use a windows NT-machine with a bash-shell like a
For our very time-intensive numerical jobs we need to start them with
nohup in order to get the possibility to logoff or to start jobs via
There?s no docu about nohup and if we start nohup only an error message
"bash.exe: (null)" occurs.

Who can help me??

Ralf Walterskoetter
Siemens AG KWU NT31
Abt. fur Waerme- und Stroemungstechnik
Tel:      +49 9131 18-2284
Fax:     +49 9131 18-2851 
            +49 9131 18-4959

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