Why text=binary mounts

Benjamin Riefenstahl benny@crocodial.de
Fri Jan 16 02:56:00 GMT 1998

Hi Gary,

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
> I guess the point I was trying to make is that it doesn't seem to me that
> there is a good argument for there to be text processing functionality in
> the fopen() family of functions (I know, it's a little late now!).

Yeah, that's history, isn't it? fopen() is used for text directly. That
seems to be part of the Unix heritage of C and I would think it does
have it's advantages. After all the vast majority of Unix tools and
Unix-style tools are dealing with text only.

> How about this:  we say, "we're stuck with
> text mode, we'll do better next time, but to alleviate the current
> situation, we take the TAL and put it in the fopen() functions, so that
> when somebody does a fopen(???, "rt"), they are getting the TAL sitting on
> top of a binary stream"?  That way all the old programs which are
> ANSI-compliant (we've canned those that aren't) get the cool new 'any text
> file' functionality *automatically*.  Plus, since the TAL is portable, any
> new GNUWin's or DJGPP's or whatever also get it automatically.  This looks
> to me like it solves the problem in the way you were describing, but
> doesn't require the addition of another mode.

That's basically what I thought. I would try to keep this text mode
layer very simple and small though. When you talk about "TAL" in my mind
I get the image of some library that does all kind of things even
including hooks for stuff like HTML, SGML, and I-don't-know-what-else.
Nice, but I would not want it in the basic RTL. OTOH if we are talking
about ASCII text, with only support for Unix, DOS and Mac line ends,
that would be what I need for ported tools right now. And it's very easy
to implement in just a few lines.

so long, benny
Benjamin Riefenstahl (benny@crocodial.de)
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