mysterious bash problem

Earnie Boyd
Fri Jan 16 02:56:00 GMT 1998

>From: Ulrich Lauther <>
>Subject: Re: mysterious bash problem
>To: (Earnie Boyd)
>Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 16:46:02 +0100 (MET)
>> Now that I've learned a bit of history, thanks to Fergus Henderson, 
>> best guess is that the file contains line terminators of \r\n.  One 
>> runs the file because it's mounts are text!=binary.  The other 
>> because it's mounts are text=binary.
>I run it under Unix through dos2unix and it didn't change its size, so 
I guess
>there can't be any \r's.
>I didn't do anything abouts mounts on either host, just installed stock 
>B18 on both.
>If I insert "#! /bin/sh" as first line, it works. That solves my 
problem but not
>my curiosity.
>How do I inspect mounting? Is there a /etc/mtab ? (I am not currently 
at that

Just simply execute the mount command without any parameters.  The mount 
table is stored in the registry so if your experienced with regedit then 
you could look at it that way.  If you look at the help from mount 
beware that the -b switch is the only one that works properly.  The -m 
switch has be deactivated and the --reset, well it works, but you won't 
like the results.

Speculating again, knowing that you haven't modified anything then you 
are most likely setup for text!=binary which means that the \r is 
expected.  Your file probably worked on the other host because the 
method of transferring the file to the diskette added the \r to the 
file.  Also the editor you are using may be modifying the line 
terminators.  As a test try your dos2unix program again on the modified 
file and see if it still functions.

According to Fergus Henderson and Guy Gascoigne - Piggford the script 
should have worked with your : at the top.  If your not on the list 
check the archives for their responses.

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