problem with batch files.

Olivier Cuisenaire
Thu Jan 15 15:16:00 GMT 1998

When I try to this very simple file (named coco):

echo hello

I receive, after the result of the ls command, the following error:

coco: o: command not found

The problem being that it seems to delete the first three characters of the
last line leaving only "o hello". This diagnosis is confirmed by the fact
inserting any three characters at the beginning of this line will solve the
problem, while inserting one or two characters give the errors "ho: command
not found" and "cho: command not found" respectively.

This is very discturbing when using more complex batch files (I actually
would like to use the configure file to install lesstif)

Is this a known bug for which a patch exists ? (I'm currently using
sh-2.01, sergey's patch)



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