Why text=binary mounts

Immanuel Litzroth Immanuel_Litzroth@i2.com
Thu Jan 15 07:26:00 GMT 1998

> Yeah, you don't have EMACS (how do you open a file with it?).
Opening a file in emacs:
     for windows users : Go to the files menu (on the top of the emacs
     screen) and click Open File.
     For Unix users : Press C-x C-f.
You have to know which file you want to open, the system has no way of
which file you want to open. While this is arguably a shortcoming of Emacs,
this can
be remedied by giving it a filename when it prompts you for one.
>  So what is Unix' advantage over MS when it comes to software

Those who can figure out how to open a file in Emacs are fit for Unix
Emacs is not an editor, it is just a testcase for selecting likely unix

> Is it simply that the GNU stuff is available free?

The fact that most of the GNU/Linux stuff is free, stable and well
documented does contribute
to the partiality of "UNIX" developers to this "stuff", although it is more
likely they use it just to spite
the normal developers .

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