Login-related questions

Smith, Martin martin@buntypost.dundee.ncr.com
Thu Jan 15 07:26:00 GMT 1998

Thank you - this works fine (I'd better go and look at setting up info or   
man next :-). Seems my HOME and /etc/passwd were set up okay before and   
it was just this that needed to change. Thanks also to the others who   
answered my quesion !

I am still curious about the various advantages of logging in to a Bash   
shell on my NT desktop though.


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You need to read the bash.info file.  bash -login will not read the
.bashrc file.  You will need to add to the /etc/profile "source
~/.bashrc".  This will execute the .bashrc file of the directory pointed
to by HOME.

>From: "Smith, Martin" <martin@buntypost.dundee.ncr.com>
>To: "'gnu-win32'" <gnu-win32@cygnus.com>
>Subject: Login-related questions
>Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 07:42:00 GMT
>I have just succeeded in getting login to work (after following the
>recommendations I dug out from the archive of this list - thanks).
>However, I have a few questions still....
>When opening a (non-login) Bash shell, my .bashrc is read okay (after I   

>set HOME=/usr/home/martin in my environment via the NT control panel).   

>However, when I use a login shell, it seems not to read .bashrc (I no
>longer have my colourized 'ls' for example). Why might this be?
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