Login-related questions

Smith, Martin martin@buntypost.dundee.ncr.com
Wed Jan 14 04:04:00 GMT 1998

Re-sent as initial send failed....
I have just succeeded in getting login to work (after following the   
recommendations I dug out from the archive of this list - thanks).   
However, I have a few questions still....

When opening a (non-login) Bash shell, my .bashrc is read okay (after I   
set HOME=/usr/home/martin in my environment via the NT control panel).   
However, when I use a login shell, it seems not to read .bashrc (I no   
longer have my colourized 'ls' for example). Why might this be?

On a related note, is this the only way to get .bashrc to be read   
(setting it in the user environment). I would have thought it would pick   
this up from the 'home' field of /etc/passwd ? Alternatively, why does it   
not work if I create an NT shortcut and specify the "start in" directory   
as my home directory ?

Can I create an NT user and log in to Bash shell as that user even though   
I am logged into NT as myself? If I can get round the issues with HOME   
and .bashrc this seems like a good way to set up 2 environments - one for   
gnuwin32 and one for egcs for example. Has anyone tried this?

Finally (for now), what are the advantages of using a login shell rather   
than straight bash shell? I seem to recall that it allows it to read   
/etc/profile. Are there other advantages? Can I only login via a desktop   
shortcut or can it be integrated with the normal NT login mechanism in   
any way? Oh, and is there any way to open an rxvt without it spawning a   
command window as well?

Thanks in advance,
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