select on pipes and stdin

Bryan Chitty
Tue Jan 13 12:59:00 GMT 1998


I'm porting some distributed software from Unix to NT and am having
problems with select on pipes.

The problem regards select removing the 1st char from my pipe, so for
example "hello" on stdin comes back to my application as "ello".

I've looked through the mail archve and found this question asked in July
1997, though am unable to find any answer to the question.

Can anyone shed any light on this subject - ie. is it a known bug, there's
a known patch, there's something i'm doing wrong...

BTW i'm using b18 on NT4.

I've included the mail message below...

Thanks for any help on the subject...


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I try select() read on a pipe or on stdin, but both fails.

After select() on stdin returns, I read from stdin, but the 1. char is

selct() on a pipe always returns ready!

I use version b18 on NT4.0.

Has anyone try this?

Thank you
R|diger Dehmel Luther & Maelzer GmbH


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