make-bash set close signal?
Tue Jan 13 00:48:00 GMT 1998


I have a strange problem that I can't
identify precisely.

I use cygwin32 make and bash (beta 18
with Sergey's cygwin32.dll) under NT 4.0

My makefile looks like:

    cst6 basic.c

It works well the first time, and
crashes the second time (make, bash and
the console box desappear).

The crash is strange as a system window
appears with 'bash' as title which says:
'This windows application cannot respond
to the End Task request. etc.' It is
exactly the same windows that we get
when we try to close a dpmi box on which
runs a dos application without closing
it "cleanly".
I suspect a signal that comes to
bash...? Who may send it, who actually
receives it?
I did not find any hint in the trace

The cst6 program is a gcc-like compiler
driver compiled with djgpp. It runs an
assembler written with Watcom 10.5 in
16/32 bit mode. Maybe the problem comes
from the "multi-mode" applications.

The problem does not appear under
windows 95.

Does anyone of you have idea about what
could happen?

Thank you


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