Mon Jan 12 17:26:00 GMT 1998

>   Brent Flannery (
>Continuing with my problem... (which may simply not be solvable at this
>point) I see there are no definitions for the unix ip and iphdr and udp
>either in mywinsock.h or in any of the include dir's.. am I just out of luck
Not exactly.  If you are porting Unix apps, they won't reference winsock.h
at all, and they will get <sys/socket.h> or something that will end up
putting them in <cygwin32/*.h> where their winsocket calls will be modified
	cygwin_gethostname(...) instead of gethosthame(...)
or whatever.

If you use the gnu winsock.h, you'll find that it is buggy (`alpha'),
and that you can fix it by going through it putting in ifdefs for all
the <sys/*.h> files it includes without protecting with ifdefs.

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